Shimmer Trees

{image via martha stewart}

These shimmering trees would be a fun alternative to adorn the Christmas table or even to carry through to New Year's to add a little bling!
Visit here for the how-to!

Dessert Table - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

Two weeks ago we celebrated my niece's 11th birthday and I volunteered to plan a Rudolph themed Christmas party to celebrate. She had already had her party with her friends but there is always a family celebration.

I was anxious to try out my new edible ink printer and made some rudolph picture cookies...I heart my new printer! I even utilized some of TomKat's Rudolph printable collection throughout the party. My cherished Rudolph characters were used to adorn the cake which was a chocolate cake filled with peppermint patty buttercream and I added some other christmas themed goodies including the traditional favorite egg nog to the table.

This party was a blast to plan and put together!

I would not have been able to have gotten these pictures without my sister
who is a great photographer among other talents!
Thank you, Victoria, for the awesome shots of the party!

Happy Birthday, Destiny!


Cake, Brownie Bites, and Cookies: Candy & Cake
Creative Custom Oreos: Candy & Cake
Candy Cane Striped Favor Boxes: Michaels (Martha cookie boxes)
Rudolph Favor (inside boxes): Bulk Barn
Rudolph Nose Candy (cherry sours): Wal Mart
Tablecloth: HomeSense
Banner, Rudolph Framed Picture: TomKat Studio
Honeycomb Tissue Balls: Devra Party Corp.

Ice Skating Cake

Created this ice skating themed cake for my oldest neice who is turning 11. I have yet to make a cake for her and it was a treat. My neice and I both share December birthdays and she was supposed to be born on my birthdate. She really is a gem. Hope you had fun! Happy Birthday!

Dessert Table: Twilight Eclipse Party

A few months ago my sister let me borrow her Twilight movies since I had never seen them and am now officially a Twihard..or should I say Twilighter!? December 4 was the dvd release of the third installment in the Twilight series, Eclipse, and we both agreed to create a dessert table to celebrate! My sister even treated us twihards to a beautiful Italian meal to start off the evening. It was so much fun to collaberate with her in creating this table and I hope we can do it again. Hmmm...maybe when Breaking Dawn hits theatres next November..*shriek!* I can't wait!!!

Sleepover Cake

This recent cake was for a sleepover birthday. The birthday girl requested rainbow chip cake and cotton candy buttercream.

Hope she had a fun-filled birthday!
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