Jadon`s Superhero Party

This year my son has been all about the superheroes.  I don't think he can pick a favorite one.  He seems to be always changing his mind on that topic...so we decided to include all of them for his sixth birthday.
Jadon was set on having superheroe edible image cookies and figures on his cake so we made sure to include those.  Also included in his dessert table were rice krispie squares, cake pops, oreos, macarons and cherry cheesecake..a favorite it seems!  {It is one of my favorites too}
The cake was a decadant chocolate cake on one tier filled with peanut butter buttercream and light and lemony cake on the other with a raspberry fruit filling.  Peanut butter was a no brainer for Jadon's birthday since it is one of his favorite flavors. 
This year was his first year of school so he was super excited to invite a few of his closest friends from school.  His birthday guests arrived as their superhero egos and they had a blast playing games such as a superhero obstacle course, pass the kryptonite, and spiderman tag. 
Each guest received a superhero pez, tattoos, stickers and a superhero coloring set in their goody bag. 
It was a lot of fun to put together but most important, Jadon had a lot of fun and loved everything!
A huge thank you to Juli of Juli Labrecque Photography who did an awesome job capturing all of the snapshots of the party!

Vendor Credits:

Photography:  Juli Labrecque Photography
Superhero spoons and forks:  Sucre Shop
Superhero Logo Circles: Less Than Perfect Life Of Bliss and Less Ordinary Designs
Party Flags:  Eccentric Designs
Dessert Table Labels:  Hello Love Designs
Candy Cups:  HomeSense
Washi Tape:  KawaiiLoverShop
Solid Color and Polka Dot Balloons:  The Dollar Store
Party Plates, Straws, cupcake liners and Napkins:  Michael's
Paper bags:  Green Munch
Candy:  Bulk Barn


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