DIY: No Sew Fabric Party Bunting

As you already know I am no sewer...that talent was given to my sister, Victoria, of VixenMade..;)
And I was not going to start up my old sewing machine that I had bought years back and fought with. I still cannot thread that thing..pathetic I know but the sewing machine won. I had wanted to include some buntings for my son's birthday but the sewing aspect cut out a few options and no, I was not going to pay a fortune just to buy one premade...I am not rolling in the dough...just a different kind at times :).
This project was one that was very economical as it doesn't require much fabric or materials and the bunting is now part of my son's room decor. It happens to fit in perfectly with the colors in his bedroom.

So here is the tutorial for a no sew bunting.

No Sew Bunting

Supplies Needed:

* Fabric of coordinating colors and patterns
* Scissors
* Iron on adhesive (such as heat n bond),liquid stitch or tacky glue
* Ribbon or Twine

1)Draw a triangle on a piece of cardboard or paper to use as a template or use a flag pattern to cut fabric into flags.
2)Lay out flags in your desired order and length.
3)Take ribbon or twine and using the iron on adhesive or liquid stitch apply to top of the back of each flag.
4)Fold over the top portion of flag over the twine or ribbon.
5)Repeat as you go along the bunting length until all flags are attached.


Unknown said...
March 12, 2011 at 8:04 AM

even as a someone who sews, I would totally make them this way!

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